There’s no way to live in Georgia without visiting Savannah, and it was our turn to make the rounds. It is the most charming little gem of the South!

We spent the first day chasing Forrest Gump through Chippewa Square (there is an actual impersonator with a suitcase and a brisk walking pace) and taking pictures around the historic downtown area.

    Quite possibly my favorite picture of them ever.
  We went to the museum and fulfilled one of Tony’s dreams by eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant. I’d say it was more for the experience than the food, but watching this man try to contain his excitement was worth the trip on its own!

The next day, we went to Wormsloe Historic Site to see that gorgeous tree tunnel. We took advantage of all that natural beauty and snuck in some family pictures! Tony set up the tripod and did a whole lot of running to get our family shots. I was beyond impressed that he could both take and be in such great pictures at the same time. Now THAT’s multitasking!

 Them cheeks! :)))

  Another highlight of the trip was finding out that Savannah is apparently the most haunted city in th US! After visiting, I definitely believe it. We took a ghost tour and visited Bonaventure Cemetery. It was amazing to see how quickly the Spanish moss hanging from the trees went from breathtakingly beautiful during the day to ghostly and grim at night. 
  Sunrise over Tybee Island. I will take no credit for this picture because I was sound asleep when it was taken! I used to be the one to get up for sunrises, but that has all changed since Damian came along. Tony was wonderful and didn’t wake me up until he got back. Hallelujah.

We ate at a little hidden crab shack and spent a couple of hours at the beach before heading home.
  It’s so great to have two favorite travel buddies!


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